A few words about THE CEMETERY

A National Historic Landmark

On a six-acre triangle of land, on the north side of  Woodside Road and just west of the County Road (now known as El Camino Real), is Union Cemetery, one of the oldest burial grounds in San Mateo County.

Officially, Union Cemetery has been closed since 1918, although for years thereafter, Redwood City administrators utilized it as a paupers’ field. During the Depression, those unable to afford a more prominent place continued to bury loved ones there.

Union Cemetery is now a California Historic Landmark and listed in the National Register of Historic Places. More about the cemetery….

Historic Union Cemetery Association

Our goal is to preserve history…

Our goals are to protect, restore and promote Union Cemetery. We work to maintain the Cemetery, replace and repair damage according to the National Park Service guidelines and the California State Office of Historic Preservation. Through written, verbal and online communication we promote public awareness of the Cemetery’s value as an historic resource, maintaining this important landmark now, and for future generations.

Historic Union Cemetery Association’s charter is to preserve history..

Interments represent 16 foreign countries and at least 26 states in the Union. Our purpose is to maintain this important historic landmark now, and for future generations. More about our nonprofit organization and activities…..