James Alcorn

James Alcorn

Date of Birth: 1837

Born In: Ireland

Age: 59

Occupation: Farmer

Marital Status: Single

Died: 7 Jun 1896

Cause of Death: Bright's Disease

Death Location: Menlo Park

Burial Plot: D19

FindaGrave ID: 6536939

James Alcorn


The Gate Post
Burial book page 44
Menlo Park Presbyterian Church founder James Alcorn was born in Ireland in 1837. When he was twenty-two he left his boyhood home to seek fame and fortune in the land of the "Free heart's Hope and Home", and arrived in Philadelphia in 1859. After several years in Philadelphia, he was lured by stories of the wealth of California, and pulled up stakes and headed for San Francisco, arriving in 1867 He settled in Menlo Park the same year.
While in Menlo Park, he was a successful small farmer, and in 1874 was one of 13 people who were the charter members of the new Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park. James was thrown from a buggy in 1894, and sustained injuries that eventually took his life in June, 1896. He was eulogized by the Rev Scott, of MPPC and buried in the Union Cemetery in Redwood City. He never married and was survived by a brother in California and several nieces and nephews in Philadelphia. His obituary stated, "His robust honesty, sterling integrity and charitable disposition and hospitable ways won him the admiration and friendship of the community." The article also noted that he "bore his sufferings with Christian fortitude." Politics was another interest. The article ends, "Though a staunch Republican and an ardent party worker, he did not seek office although he was often prevailed upon by friends to do so. He held the position of Road Overseer for one term under the late John Stafford. This was the only office ever held by him."
Although James Alcorn, didn't leave posterity in the traditional sense, be left a legacy that will live longer and affect more people than he could have imagined, all because he was willing to be counted among those 13 original people.

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